Perhaps you can help name some of these crewmembers.  This picture was taken on #2 hatch, probably in mid 1965 just before the ship was decommissioned.   Individuals in each picture are numbered.  Therefore, by combining the letter designation of the photo and the person's number, we can be sure that we are talking about the same individual.  For example, RAMIREZ, BM3 is A-14.


crew65.jpg (89733 bytes)The last crew photo in it's entirety

lasta.jpg (114185 bytes)Section "A"

lastb.jpg (52922 bytes)Section "B"  ALL identified

lastc.jpg (53497 bytes)Section "C"

lastd.jpg (124988 bytes)Section "D"

lastf.jpg (16620 bytes)Section "F"

lastg.jpg (29554 bytes)Section "G"

lasth.jpg (95511 bytes)Section "H"

lasti.jpg (117796 bytes)Section "I"